SesioneS con Alejandro Franco

Along 8 seasons, SesioneS with Alejandro Franco has been a showcase for the most important musical projects of the entire world, whom in return, have shared the most known songs of their discography. Today after almost 4 years without recording a new episode, SesioneS is back, with a new way of showing live music and a concept that will take let us to the most representative venues of different cities; this time will be Mexico city, while we enjoy big audio performances. SesioneS with Alejandro Franco Live From Mexico City, will be produced by Grupo Sentido, a content creator company, that has managed and produced each season and will involve collaborators such as the photographer Santiago Arau (who has this photo credit) and the video director Rome Chuffe. The production that's in charge of Alejandro Franco and his team, will be on air on January 2018 through TNT Series for all LatinAmerica. #Sesiones9